Friday, December 22, 2006

It's the day before I'm off for a week!!! December 22, 2006

It's been a while and I don't have any more pictures of my holiday FO's (yeah, yeah, I'm still working on two for the daughter) because I need batteries for my camera and have forgotten to pick them up every one of the thousand times I've been to the grocery store this week!

Enough ranting! I'm actually very happy because - see the title, above, (and except for my Giants who I thought would be at the top of the NFC East) AND one of my sisters will be in town for the holiday - without her wonderful husband :-( - but I'll take just her AND my baby daughter is home from college AND maybe (MAYBE, MAYBE) Dad will take the train down from NJ to join us. If you hear that the grand state of New Jersey has broken loose from the US mainland and drifted away into the Atlantic Ocean you will know that Joe has left and come to Maryland. I think he thinks he's what's holding the whole thing together!

So, the holidays! I get to cook this year - another thing that makes me happy. Susan gets in tomorrow night so we'll be having a late supper of crabcake sanwiches (yum). Christmas Eve is all about the pasta (baked...rigatoni...lots of cheese!!). And in our familiy Christmas is always roast beef (rib roast this year). The entire meat concept surrounding our holidays was always very exact: Thanksgiving (turkey - what else??), Christmakuh (beef), New Years Day (ham), Eastover (ham and noodle kugel). The summer holidays - burgers and dogs! Oh, and on the Eves - no meat, only fish and pasta. The combination of Italian Catholic and Eastern European Jewish made for some mighty good meals!

So , here's to a joyous holiday season no matter your persuasion or lack thereof!

And here's to finding peace in this troubled world of ours so that all of our brothers and sisters can be home for the holidays next year.

Love, R


  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Nittany Knits said…

    Are you doing the feast of the seven fishes? If so, throw some modified ideas my way. Happy Holidays. My knitting is still going, too. Good luck to us both!


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